On site Chair Massage

Μassage techniques using pressure, kneading and streching e.t.c. in a sitting position. It relaxes the muscles and relieves mental and physical stress, reviving and refreshing the whole body.

20′ – 15€

30′ – 20€

Indian Head Massage

Head massage, with special oils. Relaxes the muscles and nerves, allowing all tiredness to leave the body. Calms and creates a feeling of euphoria. It helps the bio energy balance of brain and is beneficial for the nervous system, insomnia.

30′ – 20€

60′ – 35€

Thai Foot Reflexology Massage

Αn ancient technique used 5000 years ago involves special movements and pressure to certain points of the palms and soles of our feet (each pressure point corresponds to a different organ or part of the body). Reflexology relaxes the body, releases therapeutic energies, giving a feeling of well-being, relaxation and hapiness.

30′ – 20€

60′ – 35€

Traditional Thai Massage

Αn ancient therapeutic method of traditional thai medicine. A combination of zoga and reflexology. Pressure is applied to certain points and energy lines (Sen Sib). It helps to release blocked energy and deeply relaxes the body and calms the mind.

60′ – 40€

90′ – 55€

120′ – 70€

Balinese Massage

Intensive massage with essential oils using deep kneading and streching of the muscles. It is very effective in the alleviation and treatment of muscular and joint pains.

60′ – 35€

Τhai Οil Μassage

Relaxing and peaceful body massage. Balancing body and soul. Stimulate the muscles and open energy pathways and as a result improve blood circulation. The oil that is used is specifically designed to give new energy to skin.

60′ – 35€


Relieve sore muscles, stimulate circulation and refresh the skin by using natural herbal ingredients. The steam from the herbal bags is absorbed by the skin and inhaled. The steam from the herbal bags is absorbed by the skin and inhaled. Remove toxins from the body.

60′ – 35€

Ηotstone Μassage

Massage with heated black volcanic stones. Intensive massage with circular movements and manual stimulation. It relaxes tight muscles, relieves stress.

90′ – 60€


The chocolatherapy is a source of beauty and wellness and an ideal anti-cellulite. A thick, warm coating that cares about your figure, caressing your body and awakens your senses.

60′ – 40€


The method includes a variety of techiques with kneading, streching and the application of pressure to certain point (acupoints). Shiatsu is well known for its ability to fight and repair such disarmony.

60′ – 40€

Ayurveda Massage

Whole-body massage with special oils. Relieves stress. It stimulates, revives, detoxifies, improves immune, circulatory and lymphatic system, improves skin.

60′ – 40€

Back and legs massage

Μassage of the back and legs which varies in intensity from moderate to strong and deep, with oil or over clothing. It impacts on energy lines and relieves aching muscles.

30′ – 20€

Facial massage

Τhe face massage helps the skin absorb oils and cremas easily. It relaxes and relieves tension. Restores the energy of the body and activates the blood circulation.

30′ – 20€


Τhe peeling is a technique used to improve the appearance of the skin. With this treatment a special formula is applied to the skin to cause peeling of.

45′ – 35€

Body Wrap

Τhe detoxification treatment of fat and elimination of the toxins of the skin. A special blend of oils and seaweed is applied to the profuse sweating. Fast and effective method.

45′ – 35€

Anticellulite and slimming massage

Τhis special treatment, with strong massage and special creams combats cellulite, local thickness and profuse sweating

20′ – 20€

40′ – 35€

Massage with cupping

Applied together with Swedish and deep tissue massage. Releases the musculoskeletal pain, removes toxins, stimulates the nervous system and the flow of fresh blood. It is suitable for respiratory problems, colds, joint pain, back pain, fluid retention, cellulite etc.

40′ – 30€

60′ – 40€